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Monday, 2 November 2009

Read Between The Lines

A notion, an idea, an ability.

Is it so bemusing to suggest that everything we consume is edited, restricted, moulded, curbed, manipulated or limited? Are 140 characters really enough for us to make a valid, well documented and fair point? Or is the 'stuff' between the lines no longer important or relevant due to the level of information available to us and the diversity of it's source's?

There is often a subtext to Digital media and information, even though that subtext may not be very well hidden, or difficult to identify. Not all that matters is glimmering and apparent on the surface. But is it so bizarre to suggest that that in itself is the draw and character of Digital media. Not only is it dynamic and layered in it's meaning and interactions, but it promotes you to think harder, search wider, explore further, connect deeper, and interact across mediums. And is that where it moves from merely being connecting and interactive, to something with more meaning and depth, something to follow, something broader, something propelling and powerful; something almost cult like.

If ever there was a time to 'read between the lines' it is now. However what you learn, or find between the lines is what could change advertising and interaction into something far deeper and more powerful.

The most powerful and connecting of words are always spoken between the lines, the question is not whether you can read those lines, but more importantly, how can you put them there in the first place.

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