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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


We have a tendency of storing things based on text, but text is a slow tool for recollection and remembrance. It is far too complex yet static for us to take in and absorb effectively, and then relocate as and when required. Text is flat and monotonous, it has no layers, or dynamic approach to stimulate various parts of our minds.

It is therefore my theory, or a theory, or an adapted past theory, that a visual of thoughts and information would prove a much more effective and valuable resource for understanding and absorbing information, as well as relocating and scanning. Visuals are far more powerful than any body of text; they speak louder, say more and engage deeper. Visuals help break information down into consumable chunks, easily understood and effectively portrayed.

The future of information is visuals, whether that's data infused, complexed, or simply basic. A respected fellow, David McCandless, once said the future is 'a small line and a visual', and thats becoming more and more apparent today. A visual can tell a story, a story which sticks.

Here's a few interesting visuals from David McCandless himself...

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