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Monday, 23 November 2009

IKEA: Facebook Showroom

Social Media is a powerful and engaging device, connecting in so many different ways, and accessible to anyone, at anytime. Or atleast that's what we're getting told all the time. It's very easy to suggest something is the future, or a valuable asset to an industry. Social Media is almost like a revolution, the new age, the anticipated and well documented evolution of Marketing. But very rarely have we seen it's true value and potential in a real time situation or campaign. There has been the odd campaign that has worked the benefits of Social Media very successfully, but not enough to show it's true colors and capability. That is until now.

Forsman & Bodenfors are known for some great creative work, and they've recently devised a Facebook campaign for a new Ikea store in Malmo, Sweden. Simplicity of an idea is sometimes it's biggest strength. Some of the best campaign strategies are simple, and none more so than using the simple default “tagging” tool on Facebook to help create a buzz for an online competition.

The agency used the basic tools that were available to them along with a limited budget, combining them effectively into the social space that is Facebook. By merging these features they were able to reach, or in this case, attract thousands and thousands of people to their profile and engage with them in a fun, simple and interactive manner. Even the ad itself of the original idea is now demanded and doing the rounds on the Interweb.

This clearly shows the ability of Social Media and it's uses in a connecting and integrated manner. Facebook was the platform, however with the videos, blogs and countless 'tweets', Social Media became the 'medium'.

A campaign very precisely executed and simply escalated.

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