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Thursday, 5 November 2009


This particular insect adverting video has been doing the rounds on the Interweb over the last few days. Adverts attached to flies = flying messages. Why didn't anyone think of this amazingly brilliant idea earlier I hear you ask.

The ads attached to some string (or leash) are light enough for the insects to carry around and are virtually impossible to ignore. This guerrilla tactic could open up a whole new way for marketers to spread their messages, and incorporate a whole new medium into their ever expanding armory.

However, while everyone's been amazed, in awe and pleasantly surprised by these happenings, I couldn't help but stop to think, would I want my 'brand' name on the end of a fly? Using these flies as living commercial space, restricting them, containing them, preventing them from being able to fly, limiting them. Is that something I would want my brand associated with, or moreover, is that something you would like your brand associated with?

The first they may well be, unique and fresh, but sometimes, in certain situations there's reasons why no one else has gone down such a path, why no one has tried that particular approach. If anything I wouldn't be too surprised if it did more damage to a brand than good.

In all honesty I'm not an animal or insect activist, but nor am I willing to accept such ludicrous and utterly sh*t (pardon my French) techniques that can  pass as advertising.

The ad industry is built upon creativity, this is not it.

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