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Friday, 14 August 2009

Why is Adland such a 'blah'?

There are no set rules, no specifics, no guidelines, no true way, no defined path. Just a conglomerate of information and ideals, which inevitably vary immensely from one person to another, from one hour to the next. Lets just look at the 'simple' issue of employment in this vacuum of creativity and sacredness. Is a degree enough? Is a Masters enough? Is a Phd enough? A years experience? 2 years? 17years? A blog followed by 159,098? Devilishly good looks? A designer suit? A pair of converse? A few good 'tweets'? Well the honest answer is no. Thats not enough. If that was all that was required of us then I guess we'd share our departments with the accountants, not that their a bad species or anything. But Advertising and Marketing, lets get it technically right, ok, Marketing and PR is not based on rigid structure, or defined achievements; nobody knows what is, or is not enough, you only know once you try it and see what results. Like everything in Marketing and PR it's about being fresh, dynamic, infusing your ability with what is required, and not blurting out a mass of creative mess which has no meaning, association, or connection.

Above all else and most importantly, its about passion, creativity and enthusiasm for media. Enjoying all aspects of interaction, and finding it to be a hobby that you love and enjoy, more so than seeing it as work, or a job. It is about having the ability and character to infuse your passion, creativity and ability in a very productive and driven manner in order to utilise your skills and proficiency effectively for your organisation and client.

So why is Adland such a blah? Well it's got a lot to do with everything and everyone involved. Creativity is a blah, it's not defined or structured, getting in is a blah, ones job role is a blah, you might look back and consider this post to have merged into a blah of information. Everything is an opinion and that's what makes Adland such a potent, and diverse being. It's constantly evolving, growing, learning and adapting. It's not merely a 'blah', it is something so much more powerful than that. It is becoming what it wasn't yesterday, which is what makes it what it is.

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