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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Digital Melody

'Digital' doing a..rather peculiar bit of inspiring on a somewhat mellow Tuesday afternoon...

It's all Digital Digital, so damn Digital
Ladies let me show you how this new flow goes
Sit back and watch it flow, flow flow flow flow
Businesses lets see how low your bottom line can go
Its all Digital Digital, from mobile, TV, and computers too
Never mind the doubters as there are now only a few
TV's Digital, radio's Digital, shopping socializing and talking too
Its time to move, time to change, time to leave that restricted thought
The new era has now been sought
So what is Digital, how is Digital, why is Digital and what do I do
It's like head shoulders knees and toes
Yes head shoulders knees and toes
Watch me and I'll take you slow
All set and off we go
TV, radio, HD too
Screens aplenty and we all have a few
A billion apps, unused tweets, GPS to help us reach
All this and yet we still call it relatively new
It's time to know, time to learn, time to explore and then to teach
Its the way forward and it's definitely begun
So aim up, open your mind, and even now you've already given it a try
Reach up and we'll soon touch the sky
But now it's time for me to go, for me to go and run and hide
But I'll still be here, here in soul
Here in Digital as the world passes us by
And now I have what Digital is, so now I know I'm control.

It's all Digital Digital..Digital Digital...

...hmmm...and I have absolutely no idea where the punctuation should or should not go...

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