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Monday, 17 August 2009

What 'makes' what...?

Can an advert really 'make' a song? Or does the song 'make' the advert..? Hmmm..just an intriguing thought going through my mind at present. There have been a vast range of incredibly good adverts and campaigns which feature a new and diverse song, or an up and coming artist, or even the use of a past creation which has been bought into the times with a good ad, maybe.

Examples of where this has been immensely successful is the fairly recent Cadbury's piece with"Don't stop the rock" by the Freestylers, and also the not so recent Sony Bravia campaign with "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez, both of which are fine examples of Adland working proficiently. But what intrigues me most is, could those adverts have been as successful with other songs? Or could those songs be as successful with other adverts..hmm.. In all honesty I guess so, looking at it from a creative angel, someone, somewhere would be able to make them as impacting as they we're in their respective ads.

Nevertheless, two fine examples of where each contributer plays a key role, but not quite as an important role as the geniuses who had the creativity, flare and wisdom to infuse the two...

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