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Monday, 17 August 2009

Kerry in final cut...?

Can anyone remember the talented, happy, vibrant, magazine adorned days of Kerry Katona..? Well nor can I. This once upon a time pop sensation has seen more ups-and-downs than Bill Clintons trousers, but even he's managed to re-emerge with a credible and almost respectable image of late. With new images of Kerry Katona surfacing all over the media showing her undignified and simply unacceptable approach to self medication, I wonder are her days as a 'usuable' public figure finally over?

We've seen Kerry in magazines, billboards and TV at every stage of her rather peculiar journey, from the highs of pop stardom, to the lows of depression, to the highs of her ability to overcome her issues, to the lows of addictions. Throughout that period Kerry's been able to utilise herself effectively, and in both good times and bad she's used that image to sell her brand, whether its for Iceland or MTV. However with the recent images emerging of Kerry snorting copious amounts of cocaine in her bathroom, surely she's put the final nail in her demise as an advertising and branding asset for good. With Icelenad looking to pull out of their contract with Katona, and her shows ratings dwindling by the week it's difficult to see how even another re-brand and freshened approach would help her bounce back once again. No doubt the PR spin will once again be out in force and a new 'makeover' forecast for the coming months, but now it's honestly felt the brand that is Kerry Katona and all it represents has finally hit rock bottom, maybe not so much with this one action alone, but the culmination of everything involved and her ability to repeatedly become the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons.

Kerry Katona we do wish you well, but from Adland, I think we'd rather just watch from afar.

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