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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Burgers, chips, kebab and a pizza...

Are dirty, greasy, cheap fast foods all that we're allowed to eat after a night out of boozing and dancing and well in some cases puking..? Drinking over half your recommended daily calorie intake in 3 hours is all good and well, but that does not mean we want to then line our delicate stomachs with chicken so cheap even the stray cats would leave it behind, and a kebab so greasy it looks worse than my hair did in my teens!

A few nights ago I decided to go against the 'norm', and, rather unwisely decided I would end my night with a healthy, balanced, nutrition filled meal. 1 hour and 45 mins later I decided I'd worked off enough calories walking about in vain looking for that elusive 'good food takeaway' and so walked into the nearest 'burgers, chips, kebab and a pizza' joint.

Is there not a valid profitable market for such places to be open at 3a.m.? Ok maybe not, but surely with the way in which consumer behavior is adapting, and health continuing to become an important aspect of more and more peoples lives, there clearly is a market out there, maybe a niche market for now, but a market nonetheless.

I do think this is more a rant than any form of worthwhile writing, but oh well, I blame the chicken from last night, bad food doesn't feed the brain.

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