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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Make The Difference

'Fast is good, people take notice. But blistering pace is not enough. This isn't the 100 meters, but 90 minutes. Time to earn total respect, to add to your reputation and that of the shirt. To keep working, harder. To be feared, and loved.' Make The Difference, Nike.

Some truly deep, profound and touching words. A frightfully connecting and passionate script, combined with a powering and dramatic visual, make this new Nike advert a very, very enjoyable piece of 'marketing art'.

Definitely worthy of it's own post.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Apple loves big numbers

I couldn't help but be intrigued by a few numbers I recently came across in regards to the Superpower that is Apple. So here's a few for you to ponder and digest...

2 Billion Apps downloaded from the Apple App Store
50 Million iPhone and iTouch users
85,000 Apps and counting
125,000 developers creating for Apple
Approx. 3 in 4 Apps paid for

These may merely be a few large numbers with little relative meaning flying above and over our heads, but these behavioral stats have a far larger significance than merely intrigue. Just a minuet snippet of how behavior is changing, how communication is developing, how interaction is evolving, how media is diversifying, how digital is growing, and how Apple is..smiling.

And yes, I am a little Apple bias/loyal, but there you go.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bye bye for now...

This blogging business has rather got under my skin. It's become enjoyable, relaxing, comforting and even fulfilling. My own views, my own thoughts, my own opinions and my own style, for me to share and for all to see. It's not forced upon anyone, and no-one is asked to agree. In fact, it's sometimes better when we don't agree, when we like to have our own opinions, our own views, and our own likes, ideas become rich that way.

Well now I must go, go away, a break, a trip, a holiday, a pilgrim, whatever you may wish to call it, but I shall miss this place, this space of mine, where I'm open and honest, and speak my mind.

I sense my riddle like tendencies creeping in, so I shall leave you for now, for a short while, two weeks or so to be exact, and return full, energised, ready, glowing and with a smile.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

It's 'our' information and we'll share if we want to

Social media is undoubtedly changing the shape of how we interact and behave on the internet. And now it seems that those changes are shaping the way we share information and content across the web.

The graph below shows how our behaviors have developed and changed in the way we share content. From traditional Email interaction it is now evident that social media in the way of Facebook and Twitter, is becoming a more prominent force in content and link sharing.

Facebook, which may be of a surprise to us, is used more for sharing information and content than Email. This shows the value of interaction and sharing, and the passing of information from content-sharers, which fulfills our need for 'realtime' information and news.

Twitter is about half as popular as Facebook in third position after Email, with only about one-tenth of users in comparison to Facebook. However, the way in which Twitter interacts with it's users and the ease of content and information sharing, combined with the ease of accessibility, it will most certainly become the number one realtime sharing force in the very near future.

Information we want, when we want it, how we want, where we want it.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

DDB Brazil go down a very dark path

A few blog posts ago I wrote of controversial advertising and it's differences, or similarities with creatively cunning pieces of work. They're put out to be shocking, controversial, boundary pushing and generate interest and attention. There is a definite difference between creatively cunning work, and out right controversial, attention grabbing, shocking work. However, it seems that there is an even more sensitive and far stretching boundary which has now come into contention.

The notion that someone, somewhere will always push that boundary and step over that imaginary line has never been more evident and shocking than a piece of work recently produced by DDB Brazil, for The WWF. The TV and print ad show a large number of planes heading down into lower Manhattan, in which the two tragedies of 9/11 and the Asian tsunami are compared in terms of their devastation. A truly distasteful piece of work, which should never have even passed as a creative idea, let alone approved for publication.

The ad industry is built upon creativity and flair, whether that be cunning or controversial. However, it should never be disrespecting or contemptuous on such a large and far reaching scale, or on issues of such tragedy, particularly in this context.

The WWF have condemned the pieces of work released and stated that they did not authorize the ad's production or publication. Suggestions were made in regards to it's authenticity, whether it's a fake or not, there is a TV version to go with it, and DDB Brazil claim the ad did run just once.

(Update) The WWF and DDB Brazil have both accepted responsibility for both pieces of work, and have apologized for their actions.

'White people stole my car'

From where I'm sitting, a very humorous prank on Google. And no, trying to get a similar result by searching that phrase will not work, I've already tried. Either Google has made a quick amendment, or it never actually 'existed'.

Whether this is true or not, I hope everyone can see the funny side of it and laugh it off, at the expense of Google.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Freeviews new TV campaign hit our screens earlier today, with Celebes aplenty, B-movie-like shooting, set to the theme tune from the 1970's cop show The Professionals. And in all honesty, I loved it! It actually worked rather well and whether I should admit this or not, it bought a genuine smile to my face.

Anyone would think having Katie Price, Alan Whicker, Ray Mears, Piers Morgan, Duncan Bannatyne, Miquita Oliver...(pause, breathe)...and Heston Blumenthal, Amanda Holden, Kirstie Allsopp, Phil Spencer and Postman Pat thrown in for good luck would be a little too much for the 60 second spot, but my it's worked out very well. It's a great use of talent from the various channels. Its no mean feat to get such a large cast on board, and them have no obligation to Freeview or fellow cast members. Just wonder whether Sky could manage such a conglomerate of professionals.

Well done Beattie McGuinness Bungay and Freeview.

It's Alive!

I just stumbled across this very interesting piece of work by EURO RSCG Buenos Aires for the Sony Bravia TV in Argentina. Color like no other? Well it's definitely an Ad print like no other. The colors jumping out at you and engaging you in a trance of interest and intrigue as it becomes alive and mesmerizing...

...but now my eyes hurt.

(Click on image for full effect)

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