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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bye bye for now...

This blogging business has rather got under my skin. It's become enjoyable, relaxing, comforting and even fulfilling. My own views, my own thoughts, my own opinions and my own style, for me to share and for all to see. It's not forced upon anyone, and no-one is asked to agree. In fact, it's sometimes better when we don't agree, when we like to have our own opinions, our own views, and our own likes, ideas become rich that way.

Well now I must go, go away, a break, a trip, a holiday, a pilgrim, whatever you may wish to call it, but I shall miss this place, this space of mine, where I'm open and honest, and speak my mind.

I sense my riddle like tendencies creeping in, so I shall leave you for now, for a short while, two weeks or so to be exact, and return full, energised, ready, glowing and with a smile.

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