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Friday, 23 October 2009

'Spoilt blonde bimbo wannabe pop/porn star'

Last night saw a rare insight into the life of a truly global brand.  A brand with so many different dimensions and characteristics, so many different personalities and 'faces', a brand so exposed and so public. Or is it actually a brand so aware and so ingenues; a brand in control.

Some call her a blonde bimbo, a wannabe pop-star with no talent, an amateur porn-star, and in some cases even stupid. With a net worth reaching the 100's of millions, you may even have heard her being called a spoilt rich kid, with no value for money and no desire or need to have her own income. However, this 'spoilt blonde bimbo wannabe pop/porn star' has more going for her than what first meets the eye.

Take a few moments to digest the following. Paris Hilton is a astute, intelligent, decisive, confident and very aware young lady. With her own personal net worth of approximately $100 million she's shown her ability as a successful and powerful business women. She's used her perception and public image in ways most wouldn't even dream of. Her imagination and ability to grasp the moment and use it to her advantage is like that of a shrewd business head. She has clothing lines, perfumes, movies, albums, toys, make-up, jewellery and more. Her vision to differentiate, counter and expand her brand is not that of a 'spoilt blonde bimbo', but that of a wise and powerful intellect.

She knows her brand very well, but she knows her audience even better. She knows what they want to consume, and has the ability to play upon it. She has the ability to utilise her nature, and character in growing and pushing her brand forward, while constantly remaining in complete control.

So is it so ludicrous to suggest, she's not misunderstood, she's just very clever.

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