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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Kanye West - "See You in My Nightmares"

The week wouldn't be complete without a mention of this short film slash music video directed by Spike Jonze starring Kanye West, "See You in My Nightmares".

Kanye, again pushing the boundaries, walks the fine line between self-aggrandizement and self-mockery that runs through all of Kanye’s endeavors. But the filmmaking is on point, with cinematography and sound design that authentically portrays that feeling of being really disoriented in a nightclub. One doesn’t need to love Kanye to love the film, but the Jonze short takes what people love and hate about Kanye’s persona and then pushes it into a new, trippy realm.

Kanye West: A true entertainment superstar or a rather bizarre and random child..? Judge for yourself...

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