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Monday, 30 March 2009

I love my Mac!!

I recently made the 'big switch'..from PC to the new world that is Mac, and I must admit, its one of the best things I've done!

I did the initial reading and research into the world of Apple, and considered all the flaws and disadvantages against the benefits and advantages. I had a number of individuals to assist me too, a good friend telling me to definitely switch over, my brother telling me its a marketing ploy, my sister pointing out the facts of price VS spec..and all I really wanted was to buy into the brand...

Being sucked into the whole branding of Apple was absolutely fine for me, it is a better product after all (not sure if thats me talking or the marketing I've bought into), but value for money was also a concern, albeit for a very small amount of time. The only other major concern I had was for the compatibility of existing documents and files, as well as softwares, and the ease of transition. But that I found was extremely easy, even for a rather novice light user of the computer like myself. My new Apple iMac is absolutely amazing!! I love everything about it, from how it looks, to the screen quality, to the desktop and beyond. If anything I find it far easier to use than any PC I've owned, without all of that virus and spyware nonsense, it's an absolute dream.

Having initially wanting to merely buy into the brand, and the glossy feel of an Apple computer, I can now confidently say it is a worthy, and yes, better product than any PC. Yes I accept some of the specs are limited, and the price is a little inflated, but what you get is a high quality, efficient, precise bit of kit, which works effortlessly within itself.

If you buy into the brand, you'll definitely more than enjoy your product.

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